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At Zelos, we believe in the power of community. Every day we work to enhance the well-being and improve the quality of life of our clients and our community. Zelos dedicates a percentage of our revenue and time to advancing three interconnected causes: 

Expanding diversity and inclusion

Empowerment of women and girls

Broad financial education and empowerment

Examples of our firm’s ongoing commitments:

Zelos is proud to be the inaugural founding donor of the Mount Royal University Student Fund (the Fund). Our team members work with students and the faculty in this important initiative connecting academics with real-world work.

The Fund is actively looking for more donors and speakers.

Zelos believes the Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association (CIWA) is providing critical programs that improve the integration of new Canadians into the local workforce. We support CIWA through providing internships in their three flagship programs: 

To date Zelos has hosted seven interns and has offered full-time positions to two interns.

Zelos is a small team with big heart and you will find our people out in the community volunteering in a wide variety of personal interest areas, from humanitarian causes, educational initiatives, political advancement, investor advocacy, sports causes and lifting the load of local parents through car-pooling and errands – we believe small acts and small moments build the stories of our lives.